Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Starting Final Assembly on the '56 Panhead for the Greasy Dozen Soon

Okay so Im still way behind, combination of getting slammed with shop work that pays the bills instead of costs money and also waiting on things to get finished that I dont do myself such as full motor rebuild and paint work etc. and just waiting on a few back ordered little parts etc. Anyway Im just about ready to start final assembly just got the frame back from powdercoating today and my engine builder called today and said my engine is completely finished and I just about have everything to go together here on my end so hoping to get the frame back into a roller tomorrow then will probably have the drivetrain back in my by the weekend if everything goes well. Just some pics of the powdercoated stuff, the exhaust all metal finished (just have to still do the brushed finish on them) and some other odds and ends. Paint is still out at the painter but hoping to get that back really soon its going to completely set the rest of the bike off with the color combo we went with. Powdercoated frame  photo 61443D7B-DD7E-479B-B9BF-BCE4089FD2E2-28153-00001A16BB60FFD5_zpsd8d31a10.jpg  photo BB1DAE3F-630D-4C9C-A3FC-02262196B1EA-28153-00001A16AFDD3BE0_zps398a08c6.jpg  photo B1BFCC5D-A807-4082-8B08-DDFAA613A5E7-28153-00001A16B5A8CC81_zps9fec2b12.jpg Powdercoated parts and brackets  photo 9B314B1F-1B8D-48C8-9E32-EE6ECE8D5AD1-28153-00001A16C658B89D_zpsab94bb20.jpg Gas tank blocked and in primer  photo 35AE8EA6-7695-409D-B3FC-77B9AE2B11A7-28153-00001A16CE430BFC_zps3f7a92cf.jpg Stainless exhaust metal finished and blended and smoothed seams  photo 7220900E-D48B-4510-BB71-E8C894A21F37-28153-00001A16CA9E3FE9_zps559ddf95.jpg  photo CC81DD2A-2EF0-45F9-8F7A-89C2138F414C-28153-00001A16C02B5488_zps4172ed6b.jpg  photo BF1AB84E-9E62-4A93-BAB3-E0911C3C611F-22525-000015EE13C31BD7_zps2d9fb395.jpg  photo 62D65AFC-0691-4A7D-A125-63DBCEC97ECE-22525-000015EE109732F9_zpsd532adc8.jpg custom rear wheel spacer I made up  photo 3F7B08A7-0869-4752-ABA3-85BB341B1D4B-22525-000015EE0B7FD246_zps7113af54.jpg  photo 9D09636D-8FCF-4871-8185-CD3E4697D81E-22525-000015EE062DBF0D_zpse804d670.jpg  photo D91CE7A8-498C-479F-A701-F3D93F2EE28E-22525-000015EDFF22A3C2_zpse7363a23.jpg oem brake drum with some fresh powder and chrome  photo 653F16A0-28F0-44DC-9D43-AE8635C414C6-22525-000015EDFB3C7ADA_zps8e83abc4.jpg  photo 8157C1FC-C505-44DC-8FA1-B4D2B4548811-22525-000015EDF716D584_zpse79928fe.jpg

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