Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Some More Early Harley OEM Springer Repair Work Finished, Another Old Springer Will Again See The Road

This springer was sent to me by a customer for some repair work. He wanted it to go back to stock length which was a little hard considering that the lower sections used for the extension were not OEM tapered leg sections they were just round tube that someone welded on and the front legs were extended with solid rod stock. So after locating a set of old Buchanans extended legs for him I was able to put this back together to stock length for the rear legs and the front was done over by using some front legs from Carls Cycle to get it back to its proper look. Below are some pics of what I started out with and then the final product.  photo 23461C10-600A-414E-8BAE-41B14CD07424-15438-00000DDF99C2D79F_zps690de5ef.jpg  photo 51C64E65-34AE-4801-9CF1-5294B89D28A4-15438-00000DDF9E33A33F_zpsfee9918d.jpg  photo 1108A1C9-6EBF-4795-8CA2-6DCA32322119-15438-00000DDFA187D908_zpsbac30c0e.jpg  photo 90E62DBA-8495-48FA-BA88-923210992C11-15438-00000DDFA63D147E_zps4598cd6e.jpg  photo 9C0B43CA-3EBF-43F9-BBF0-DE79362A4127-15438-00000DDFA992FF62_zpsa007c5a8.jpg  photo 70FF3D6C-43FB-4B63-B8E9-08486920D494-15438-00000DDFF245A3CC_zpsb34ed9df.jpg  photo ABA68510-5109-4225-A11C-CEACBA17DD13-15438-00000DDFEE8B2257_zpse50a7b60.jpg  photo B5149006-2FE2-4BCD-8CF9-21BDBF770FCF-15438-00000DDFEA0483AA_zpsb857020f.jpg  photo 44363DF6-3E0A-456E-A455-F002D1938BB3-15438-00000DDFE5508BC8_zps1075290b.jpg  photo 9A945C8F-2D21-48D5-8C18-B15448230BA9-15438-00000DDFDB87B675_zps89451872.jpg  photo DBE0AD91-8522-442E-B9CE-C8680A90C805-15438-00000DDFD6D8FC6E_zps45786fc7.jpg  photo 486E7433-F3B9-44AF-AC54-7D72FF7DA33E-15438-00000DDFD22C1A85_zps88346716.jpg  photo 976E9F5C-D283-4CE3-8214-FD64A5FBD4AF-15438-00000DDFCE58061D_zps10ca18eb.jpg  photo C344E4AD-2C4E-4B26-8A28-F70F89FDF844-15438-00000DDFC45A4C90_zps2598d1dd.jpg  photo BC332BE7-62B4-40E7-88A2-3BA655F5D84F-15438-00000DDFC06D6D7B_zps260bd07a.jpg  photo 7A868B3A-7047-4429-AD19-4D4AE46818D9-15438-00000DDFBAC48E5A_zps3082ba51.jpg  photo 5AEF90BB-4853-4813-ADB5-C4BC9A8F8AA2-15438-00000DDFB158086D_zps086d40d0.jpg  photo 8E7E29B0-E471-40D7-A6F7-0BD84D732EAD-15438-00000DDFACEF55D5_zpsa6c3195b.jpg

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Getting Closer on the Exhaust for the '56 Panhead

Got some more work done on the exhaust Im pretty happy with how they are coming out so far  photo EA5F7C1B-FADC-43E8-BE40-378A88404312-4652-000002DE81A3084A_zps6d5de582.jpg  photo A51E300E-3592-4DC5-88A8-433E1D13E6E8-4652-000002DE7CBE633B_zpsae43d895.jpg  photo 2817F268-5E6C-4BDE-89ED-0C99F89ADD4C-4652-000002DE744F9202_zpsd52c5887.jpg  photo A768FB7E-3ABD-47F0-A77B-2B15777818A5-4652-000002DE6FC7FABE_zps9cae5601.jpg  photo F4D9DF4A-ECFF-4D3E-94D6-9DD4C2427F80-4652-000002DE6BF7675E_zps723ba750.jpg  photo 32AC7565-104C-408D-9792-558BB8D11D02-4652-000002DE53D4E9FD_zps4f5f803b.jpg old head pipe is just an idea of how it will sit  photo 32AC7565-104C-408D-9792-558BB8D11D02-4652-000002DE53D4E9FD_zps4f5f803b.jpg and I accomplished my goal of not being able to see the exhaust from the front of the bike  photo 41A987B7-9FE0-4DC9-9382-F7DECFE4877C-4652-000002DDE19419EB_zps130600ea.jpg

Friday, April 5, 2013

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Starting on the exhaust on the '56 Panhead

I got a little bit of work done on the exhaust tonight It will be in full 304 stainless I started on the back section and mount for the front pipe and Im pretty happy with what is taking shape so far I have a lot of ground clearance with this frame which is good because I can run the front pipe completely under the motor and not cover the motor at all which is what I wanted  photo 1EDAA3F6-6A2E-403D-954A-D082589DA0CA-14266-00000B3661DA92F3_zps152339d3.jpg  photo B434BFAD-7A56-4315-8EA0-E6EA4610AF8E-14266-00000B365BB5417A_zps167eaf83.jpg  photo 246C1C4C-27DB-424E-BA5F-0AE8D2F9A9D2-14266-00000B364D9829BD_zps5aab17bd.jpg  photo 83A7AA78-07D9-44D4-BDE0-734A5A20D17A-14266-00000B3648CFBC86_zpsc1626772.jpg  photo 9D4DC56C-5E88-4217-A64A-8FE2507B6F71-14266-00000B36432DE90F_zpsa2bad322.jpg  photo 938B8CFB-B752-4BE5-8AB9-28824DD7FE82-14266-00000B363E14BE6C_zps7df8cd5c.jpg  photo 2D71FCD7-B0BA-4329-8152-3E5301C06A1F-14266-00000B3630A9B0C4_zps5d6d87ce.jpg  photo AF175986-3DCF-45B6-AE96-FDAC8E46838A-14266-00000B36552F4B30_zpsf414c95e.jpg

slacking but back to work on the '56 panhead

been slacking a little bit lately due to the fact that Im cranking out work for customers since riding season is more or less starting up in my area but I got the oil tank mounted up on the panhead (I just have to go back and shape the lower mount bracket and give everything a final welding and that is taken care of )  photo 0EEC028F-1952-44A4-AE40-44C75EDF746A-9429-00000829522416BA_zps81de915e.jpg  photo 6765EBB6-0366-49A2-AC6E-F9E0CF148C83-9429-000008294DF95B4D_zpsf1365116.jpg  photo 3DB1CD69-6B26-4F8D-BC1A-420B35EF3F71-9429-000008294560CECC_zps621b99e6.jpg I got some stainless exhaust pipe stretched to fit the exhaust flanges on the heads so Im hoping to start on the exhaust sometime this week  photo F54E20CE-9712-4A6C-BD82-BB35181D1A63-9429-0000082931D7EB45_zpsf13f831a.jpg