Sunday, August 4, 2013

1956 Greasy Dozen Panhead Build is all Finished

Just a few quick pics of the bike all finished up It will be out on display at Feltraigers this Sat Aug 11 for an unveiling party in NYC So if you get a chance come on down and stop by.  photo C349F54A-D422-48F5-A2DA-0C126C35021E-8672-000007EF21023C24_zpsf6806cf3.jpg  photo AC457615-5394-425C-AB03-5867C5B329BE-8672-000007F06894E440_zpsa5776ea3.jpg  photo 6D3773E0-EE3B-4F22-991E-254BC4B44C32-8672-000007F0623D420B_zpsbed93113.jpg