Thursday, May 1, 2014

Sorry for no recent posts

Sorry we have not had many updates on the blog at all. Truth is we have been up to our ears in bike builds and fab work and also focusing on the Visionary Cycle Products parts lineup and attending and supporting shows and events within the community that we support. If you have a minute go check out the production parts that I produce along with my partner Jason at Thanks for everyone who has been following along

Saturday, October 19, 2013

New T-Shirts in Stock and Ready to Ship

The New Syndicate Choppers T-shirts are in stock and ready for sale.

We have sizes Mens Medium - XXL in stock
Order yours from the webstore at

or just email me at with your size and shippping address and your paypal address and I will send a paypal invoice over to you.

(the shirt shown is a girls sized shirt, thats why it looks so small, we are all out of girls sizes at the moment.)


 photo B6679E57-E6AD-469E-BFF7-EF57277FB1A6-592-0000011D3CAC936D_zps55fccd53.jpg

Monday, September 23, 2013

Pics from the 2013 Brooklyn Invitational Show great time with great friends

For the past few days we had a lot of good friends come into town to spend some time with us to make it out to the Brooklyn Invitational. Like normal its not about the bikes or the show its about catching up with old friends you dont get to see too often and meeting new ones and getting in some good riding time with everyone we hang out with. We had an absolute blast with everyone that came into town and its always a please getting to ride with Big Nick from Industry Customs who recently left NY to move his shop to San Marcos, CA. Arie from JDA had a blast on the '51 pan/shovel and dubbed it the "ranch hand" Mattias from Lebeef had some great stories to share with us and of course the usual antics and laughter from Mike 47 and James from 47 Industries and Anna from the Lowside crew. It was great to meet Ben from Ride Free Mag from Germany who took great pics of all of us riding in and out of Brooklyn and NYC all weekend. Cant forget to mention Christian and Dennis from the HF crew for riding down and bringing along the moonshine. Our good friend Craig for letting us all stash the bikes at his place in Brooklyn when the down pour started and the roads were unridable and for leading the pack everywhere we rode. The biggest thanks has to go out to my shop partner Jason from Visionary Cycle Products for putting everyone up at his place for the last week and for shuffling everything around and feeding everyone all week long. Looking forward to getting everyone together. Heres some pics from the last several days.  photo B6D7213C-C697-456F-BF58-D9234FCD4FFD-23538-00001B39B4522332_zps5bbe0dc2.jpg  photo F0C0BC77-51C7-42DD-968E-359697ED5169-23538-00001B39BEDEFCBD_zps18cc4c75.jpg  photo A38F88BE-F336-4BC5-B9F0-2C6135167E2C-23538-00001B39E1A76947_zpscff148eb.jpg  photo 174AF119-D270-4804-992C-45ACC85B2405-23538-00001B3A0D5A4899_zps093cf340.jpg  photo 4A93FC43-69E2-4976-83F3-D4336B349631-23538-00001B39FA8ACC65_zpsbe91a194.jpg  photo 376D08C1-11C9-48A9-937F-1E336C4B4E1D-23538-00001B3A0487FFFF_zps0c54a8c0.jpg  photo 744D515A-66B9-46C5-8F64-2D9818FF84A1-23538-00001B39F751059A_zps98d8f5c1.jpg  photo E6698E4F-8BA7-4126-B4D1-07F44449441C-23538-00001B39EF72788B_zps15afb601.jpg  photo 6f580990-9b67-4d35-94cb-35e24e1ee9d5_zps5aec92cf.jpg  photo F6FBD50B-FB01-4825-A5C9-C778615D7F14-23538-00001B39C1624229_zps4e207255.jpg

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

End of Season Bike Party and Fundrasier Oct 5, 2013 in Oak Ridge, NJ

On Oct 5 Syndicate Choppers, Lowside Magazine, 47 Industries, and Visionary Cycle Products are throwing a little get together at the Daily Planet in Oak Ridge, NJ. Party starts at 6PM. If you are within riding distance be sure to ride out and have a good time. We have a ton of prizes to raffle off from all the event sponsors show on the flyer and all the proceeds from the raffles will be going to benefit Mike from TWT. Cool riding weather, beer, bikes, and strippers. What more could you possibly want. Hope to see you there.  photo Visionary_zps367cf6f5.jpg

Sunday, August 4, 2013

1956 Greasy Dozen Panhead Build is all Finished

Just a few quick pics of the bike all finished up It will be out on display at Feltraigers this Sat Aug 11 for an unveiling party in NYC So if you get a chance come on down and stop by.  photo C349F54A-D422-48F5-A2DA-0C126C35021E-8672-000007EF21023C24_zpsf6806cf3.jpg  photo AC457615-5394-425C-AB03-5867C5B329BE-8672-000007F06894E440_zpsa5776ea3.jpg  photo 6D3773E0-EE3B-4F22-991E-254BC4B44C32-8672-000007F0623D420B_zpsbed93113.jpg

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Tins are on

Tins are on and Im almost completely finished just waiting on some stainless pushrod covers to be finished up so I can install the pushrods and set the magneto timing and fire it up All the paint and prep work on the tins was done by Erick from I would highly recommend him to anyone that is looking for some amazing work he did an outstanding job on this set right here and I could not be more happy with them  photo A31A8D84-61BB-4B39-86F0-473B333509C8-10115-0000071F5FA18834_zps9d2592ef.jpg  photo 3F3FD823-706C-4498-9953-A8A5B369A021-10115-0000071F5A658501_zps0902279c.jpg  photo AF3BCBF1-DE6E-46DA-BD13-EEDE2B9333EA-10115-0000071F676976F2_zps1aa54617.jpg  photo 06B86802-DA32-49AE-8417-8A177FB10986-10115-0000071F6BCC92C9_zps02775d36.jpg  photo 3188DC58-BD62-4BCE-8D33-DED3F59DD7E1-10115-0000071F76A2C40F_zpsf3f63c4a.jpg  photo 2AD05610-963D-4237-8B49-9DABF0CA6741-10115-0000071F7C82CDC4_zps5aa8f60d.jpg  photo A4671D63-91D5-4773-B73E-CBC21BCB508A-10115-0000071F815927DE_zps209bd381.jpg  photo A519928F-3C0F-4AD8-86AC-B5D0233C2777-10115-0000071F8A7A7852_zpse9d72a62.jpg  photo 630B1CED-EAD0-4094-911D-59BCEC643945-10115-0000071F92D74DE1_zps7d0a8faf.jpg  photo 34F7EDBF-FF82-4BDA-9353-9961B4A25C2B-10115-0000071F99AEF3C9_zpsb430c239.jpg custom bend oil lines all in aluminum  photo 2BC4A6EC-85FD-469F-80DE-EE8E3EBCF3A0-12298-0000095743F36FBC_zps743a919b.jpg

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Almost done with the '56

made up some stainless lines for the outside oiler heads  photo E50F21F5-7364-41C1-A5C7-987AAE6BC5E8-6417-000004572099C592_zpsca543e55.jpg finished off the front seat mount  photo E93448B8-C6AB-4962-9F43-BDED259380F4-6417-0000045733287101_zps847988a1.jpg stainless brake lines that I made up for the bike  photo FB2C54D1-374F-4D28-8FAB-CB4995B397AC-7762-000005B3C3BFC882_zps658bd9f5.jpg cloth wiring is all done  photo 7D22B712-8467-41B1-8B86-FF7AD69A1AC5-7762-000005B3C9779383_zpsefadf1c6.jpg clear is on the tins  photo 66D7A604-C0D3-416C-B80A-BEF6C012496D-7762-000005B3D0C67FE4_zpsdf7df7c1.jpg  photo D1EEB341-809D-456C-A7E5-45D24F063043-7762-000005D78AAA850D_zpsed966c70.jpg Rolled it off the lift just have to get the tins on and still waiting for my stainless pushrod covers so I can put the pushrods in then time the magneto and one last final list of assembly hardware that I need and Im pretty much done with this just needs a good cleaning after she is all buttoned up  photo 28E44941-4C3B-4FDA-8F33-142EB1363397-7762-00000716B006EE8B_zps847148cb.jpg  photo 73DA67B7-1A1F-4787-85C1-99770DA6EE3D-7762-00000716BB9CB94E_zpsb561ded3.jpg  photo 5EC225A5-8B02-4D4A-BDE3-14F48CEFFC0E-7762-00000716B6A5D498_zps2248db44.jpg  photo 359AD046-C96F-41FD-9046-2C1B17160EA3-7762-00000716C0BE5CC8_zps80ad8e66.jpg  photo CF2374F9-6138-423D-9502-80B1238548AE-7762-00000716C64D9A11_zpsc8afe04f.jpg