Monday, March 11, 2013

Quick Makeover on the '48 Pan/Shovel

I did this bike a few years ago its based off of a '48 frame that my pops has had since the 60's and he rode that thing literally from coast to coast a number of times back then with a panhead motor in it. A few years ago we put it back together with a pan/shovel motor out of a lot of left over parts we had kicking around, it wasnt such a great look but it got by for a while so just over the last few months I finally got enough free time to get it closer to where I want it Only things really left to do are do the exhaust over in stainless and ditch the spring mount seat and go with a rigid mount solo seat instead. Maybe strip everything down next winter and go back and put some of the stuff back on the frame that was cut off decades ago like the side car loops and repair the axle plates etc. then give it a nice paint job. But for now this will get him by, he rides the hell out of this thing it goes just about everywhere with him really nice reliable comfortable bike just wanted to post some pics up of it this is what it looked like last year  photo PICT0009-1.jpg  photo PICT0007.jpg and fast forward to a few days after the mild make over went with an OEM springer that I repaired, narrow sporty tank, brit style rear fender, made the sissy bar setup from 304 stainless, laced up some 16" hoops to some oem star hubs and went with an OEM juice drum and some firestone tires, and also an air cleaner from Kim at BCM and some custom handlebar top clamp setup that I made for him also  photo 53C4CB08-7C0E-47DB-8546-4C2F877791B8-5111-000005448A98D970.jpg  photo 8D9B909A-4244-451B-87E7-1FFBAF1C1951-5111-00000544A5E10F40.jpg  photo 9176D67A-6D45-40D3-818A-8481C530761D-5111-00000544B347A498.jpg  photo 14172665-3AD1-47A6-B254-02CFE9D26543-12194-00000C60D1C3B997.jpg  photo A5F9A3A9-7B28-43C4-9A89-E4243EB5389C-12194-00000C60ED54E688.jpg  photo E86458B0-B36E-4462-BFB8-28097C3BBD74-12194-00000C60F5684AFA.jpg  photo F944384F-6620-4862-BD88-4BE4B88588E9-25935-00001ABBE86B1062_zpsa6955200.jpg  photo 01951922-42EB-45EB-BE63-BE651C734DA8-30446-000019BC53209DD0_zps7874fc2f.jpg  photo EDE1AAA5-6977-4918-A580-1B38FF754E8F-30446-000019BC5E085562_zpsb1857a36.jpg  photo 05B25BD2-0B55-48E3-B589-2B0573387024-30446-000019BC626FC67C_zps6447015b.jpg  photo 3D40C8F8-1C79-4BDB-B9DD-F53F859E8C93-30446-000019BC67257065_zps16c89197.jpg  photo EC8A9937-3D41-4F1D-BB19-A5C6555D5C04-30446-000019BC6BCAE6FC_zpsd41f7422.jpg  photo DB10E735-3A77-4566-AD6C-5E5196461327-30446-000019BC70D195B6_zps80d884c8.jpg  photo 5C9BD43A-733B-480D-98C1-1E283D5788BA-30446-000019BC75339BEE_zpsf75b8a81.jpg  photo EDE1AAA5-6977-4918-A580-1B38FF754E8F-30446-000019BC5E085562_zpsb1857a36.jpg