Sunday, June 30, 2013

Almost done with the '56

made up some stainless lines for the outside oiler heads  photo E50F21F5-7364-41C1-A5C7-987AAE6BC5E8-6417-000004572099C592_zpsca543e55.jpg finished off the front seat mount  photo E93448B8-C6AB-4962-9F43-BDED259380F4-6417-0000045733287101_zps847988a1.jpg stainless brake lines that I made up for the bike  photo FB2C54D1-374F-4D28-8FAB-CB4995B397AC-7762-000005B3C3BFC882_zps658bd9f5.jpg cloth wiring is all done  photo 7D22B712-8467-41B1-8B86-FF7AD69A1AC5-7762-000005B3C9779383_zpsefadf1c6.jpg clear is on the tins  photo 66D7A604-C0D3-416C-B80A-BEF6C012496D-7762-000005B3D0C67FE4_zpsdf7df7c1.jpg  photo D1EEB341-809D-456C-A7E5-45D24F063043-7762-000005D78AAA850D_zpsed966c70.jpg Rolled it off the lift just have to get the tins on and still waiting for my stainless pushrod covers so I can put the pushrods in then time the magneto and one last final list of assembly hardware that I need and Im pretty much done with this just needs a good cleaning after she is all buttoned up  photo 28E44941-4C3B-4FDA-8F33-142EB1363397-7762-00000716B006EE8B_zps847148cb.jpg  photo 73DA67B7-1A1F-4787-85C1-99770DA6EE3D-7762-00000716BB9CB94E_zpsb561ded3.jpg  photo 5EC225A5-8B02-4D4A-BDE3-14F48CEFFC0E-7762-00000716B6A5D498_zps2248db44.jpg  photo 359AD046-C96F-41FD-9046-2C1B17160EA3-7762-00000716C0BE5CC8_zps80ad8e66.jpg  photo CF2374F9-6138-423D-9502-80B1238548AE-7762-00000716C64D9A11_zpsc8afe04f.jpg

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  1. Hi Syndicate

    Very nice build!! Pipes look awesome!!!!!
    I´m looking to make the same oillines for my outeroiler pan heads, so could I ask you for some information about the which fittings you have used and what size and the size of the tube?
    Mayby you also know of somewhere I might be able to buy it online?

    Henrik S.