Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Starting on the exhaust on the '56 Panhead

I got a little bit of work done on the exhaust tonight It will be in full 304 stainless I started on the back section and mount for the front pipe and Im pretty happy with what is taking shape so far I have a lot of ground clearance with this frame which is good because I can run the front pipe completely under the motor and not cover the motor at all which is what I wanted  photo 1EDAA3F6-6A2E-403D-954A-D082589DA0CA-14266-00000B3661DA92F3_zps152339d3.jpg  photo B434BFAD-7A56-4315-8EA0-E6EA4610AF8E-14266-00000B365BB5417A_zps167eaf83.jpg  photo 246C1C4C-27DB-424E-BA5F-0AE8D2F9A9D2-14266-00000B364D9829BD_zps5aab17bd.jpg  photo 83A7AA78-07D9-44D4-BDE0-734A5A20D17A-14266-00000B3648CFBC86_zpsc1626772.jpg  photo 9D4DC56C-5E88-4217-A64A-8FE2507B6F71-14266-00000B36432DE90F_zpsa2bad322.jpg  photo 938B8CFB-B752-4BE5-8AB9-28824DD7FE82-14266-00000B363E14BE6C_zps7df8cd5c.jpg  photo 2D71FCD7-B0BA-4329-8152-3E5301C06A1F-14266-00000B3630A9B0C4_zps5d6d87ce.jpg  photo AF175986-3DCF-45B6-AE96-FDAC8E46838A-14266-00000B36552F4B30_zpsf414c95e.jpg

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