Tuesday, April 2, 2013

slacking but back to work on the '56 panhead

been slacking a little bit lately due to the fact that Im cranking out work for customers since riding season is more or less starting up in my area but I got the oil tank mounted up on the panhead (I just have to go back and shape the lower mount bracket and give everything a final welding and that is taken care of )  photo 0EEC028F-1952-44A4-AE40-44C75EDF746A-9429-00000829522416BA_zps81de915e.jpg  photo 6765EBB6-0366-49A2-AC6E-F9E0CF148C83-9429-000008294DF95B4D_zpsf1365116.jpg  photo 3DB1CD69-6B26-4F8D-BC1A-420B35EF3F71-9429-000008294560CECC_zps621b99e6.jpg I got some stainless exhaust pipe stretched to fit the exhaust flanges on the heads so Im hoping to start on the exhaust sometime this week  photo F54E20CE-9712-4A6C-BD82-BB35181D1A63-9429-0000082931D7EB45_zpsf13f831a.jpg

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